How to Use an Infrared Sauna

Using an infrared sauna regularly will allow you to reap the different health benefits that it can offer. If you’ve already bought one, here are the steps to enjoying the sauna to its fullest. If you haven’t bought one yet, we recommend that you do because while it can be expensive, the health benefits are priceless. Have a look at the best infrared saunas that we have reviewed.

It’s important to know the safety guidelines, time limits, best practices and other usage tips in order to have the best experience so here are the steps that we would like to share when using the sauna.

Take a Shower First

Taking a shower is a good first step so that you will be able to sweat more. It’s also for hygienic purposes regardless of whether you are using your own sauna or the one at your local gym or fitness center. Taking a shower allows you to wash the excess dirt, topical solutions and other substances from the skin. These substances can clog up your pores and getting rid of them before stepping into the sauna can be very helpful.

Warm up the Sauna

Before stepping inside the sauna room, let it warm up first to your desired temperature. The temperature that you will be most comfortable in will depend on your preference so a little trial and error is necessary. Once you’ve found the temperature that is perfect for you, on your subsequent sauna sessions, you will know what temperature to target.

Taking a shower while waiting for the sauna to heat up is a good use of your time.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is essential before using the sauna. You can also bring some in with you during the session. You will be sweating a lot so it’s important to have plenty of fluids in your system. You can also drink some sports drink instead of water, what’s important is that the electrolytes in your body is replaced.

Don’t drink sugary beverages, alcohol and caffeinated drinks before going into the sauna because these will have negative impacts such as nausea, dizziness and more.

Get Naked and Bring at least 2 Towels

When you’re inside the sauna, you should be completely naked so that you won’t risk overheating. Wearing clothes while sweating inside the sauna makes it hard for the body to cool itself. Also, the toxins that have been flushed out from the body will just transfer to your clothes and your clothes are immediately in contact with the skin.

You should also remove all accessories, especially the metallic ones. The high temperature in the sauna will cause these items to heat up and you might suffer burns.

A towel is necessary for you to sit on so that the wooden bench will not absorb your sweat, as well as the chemicals that come with it. Another towel is for wiping the sweat off your body so that the toxins will not be reabsorbed.


Finally, the last step is to relax. You can just sit there and do nothing or you can read, listen to music, meditate or whatever you want to do, really, as long as it allows you to relax.